If you are a busy working parent, you might turn towards hiring nannies to take care of your child when you are away. However, trusting any stranger to look after your child while you are not around can be a hard decision to make. That’s when “nanny cameras” come into the picture. As the name suggests, it’s a surveillance system to monitor both the baby and the nanny and even old parents and debilitated patients, and monitor their day-to-day activities. Nanny cams can relay live images and footage from your home to your phone, ipad, tablet, computer, or any other compatible device and you can see your baby in action from anywhere in the world. The recording feature automatically records footage which you can check later at your convenience. Having these security cams installed allow you to monitor your child’s activities at night through a motion alert feature in cameras to let you know of any mishap like, natural calamity, sleep walking habit of the baby, safety from intruders, if the baby falls from the cot, etc.

The recent news of various abusive acts by nannies have made parents all the more conscious about leaving their kids completely in the trust of babysitter or nanny without any supervision. Now more and more parents are getting nanny cams installed in their house to ensure their child’s safety through the day when they are away.


  • High Definition: To have a video quality with high pixel rate for more clarity. Practically 720p and 1080p resolutions are good enough to be used for home security.
  • Audio Quality: Choosing a camera that allows you to communicate with the nanny or your kid for better monitoring. You can opt for recording audio when needed.
  • Storage: Usually Nanny Cams allow you to record and save the video on SD card which quickly gets full, so it is better to look out for network video recorders for 24X7 recording.
  • Recording: Reliable 24/7 recording will let you go through records if ever needed for confrontation or proof.
  • Power Source: Nanny cams come with two power supply mode: 1) Battery Operated 2) AC power operated. It’s advisable to go for AC power operated cameras as battery-operated cameras might get discharged after a span of time and if you are full0time working parents with 9-5 jobs, you need good battery life for your device to function throughout the day.
  • Motion Activation: It’s not a feasible idea of sticking to your desktop and monitoring your kid throughout. So, activating motion will alarm you of any untoward activity.
  • Compatibility: To have live screening of the camera and recordings you need to look out for camera that will be compatible with your mobile phones.
  • Wireless: Wireless monitoring makes it easy to watch footage of your child later.
  • Angle: Choose an angle that gives you a wider view of the house, that way, you will be able to track every activity of your kid and nanny.
  • Placement: If it’s a hidden camera, you need to be sure about what location you place the camera at for you have complete coverage wherein if you decide to put in an exposed nanny cam you can mount it on the best angle to have the complete detailed view.


Looking for good nanny cams to ensure your child’s safety? Choose the best nanny cam with good features and price range from below:




  • Sends 5-10 min video whenever motion detector is triggered
  • 2 hours of cloud storage
  • Easily expands to multiple cameras
  • Wireless
  • Led indicator can be turned off
  • 2-years battery life
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa




  • Resolution 1080p
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Alert
  • Remote pan tilt
  • Zoom


Arlo Smart HomeSHOP NOW!


  • Can be placed anywhere with wire-free design
  • Customization available
  • Notification on smartphones and emails
  • Easy installation


Littleadd Hidden Camera nanny camsSHOP NOW!


  • Takes both pictures and videos
  • Records 10 hours
  • Handy remote control


Nest Cam Indoor cameraSHOP NOW!


  • 24/7 streaming
  • Continuous recording
  • 130-degree view
  • Night vision available
  • Features 8x zoom
  • Offers cloud storage




  • Easy to use
  • Provides cloud storage
  • Night vision
  • 2-way audio capability
  • Can schedule recording time
  • Wide angle lens
  • Magnetic mounts


FalconWatch HawkCam Pro IISHOP NOW!


  • 1080p resolution
  • Night vision upto 30ft.
  • Provides cloud storage


D-Link Pan and Tilt CameraSHOP NOW!


  • Live video streaming
  • Motion alerts
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Stores video on SD card
  • HD resolution
  • Night vision

Want to make sure that your kid is safe and happy with the babysitter you hired, look for nanny cams with the best features and affordable price to install in your home without violating any laws and be completely at peace with regards to your kids’ safety while you are busy with your job and other chores.


  1. Secure your WIFI network by regularly changing the password.
  2. Change default password of your nanny cam device immediately after installation.
  3. Use “hard-to-guess” combinations as password.
  4. Register to manufacturer’s security updates on the purchased device so that your device is up to date.
  5. Disconnect the device from WIFI when you are not using it.
  6. Power off the camera when not needed.


  • Nanny cam ensures parents at work peace of mind about their child’s safety. Monitoring your child’s day-to-day activities in terms consuming food, playing safely, studying, not being neglected or ill-treated by the nanny.
  • Newborn or toddlers cannot explain the chain of events happening around them when you were away. You rely mainly on neighbors or friends for any kind of feedback about the nanny or people coming to your house without permission, in such instances, nanny cam can help you figure out the discomfort your kid might be facing in your absence.
  • You feel connected to your kid while you are gone, not missing out on any kind of growing up moments or milestones of your child.


  • Laws on home security cameras, vary from state to state, and it’s important for the parents to be well educated on the laws regarding installing surveillance cameras.
  • Keeping privacy laws in mind before installing it at home.
  • Avoiding personal spaces for installation of the device.
  • Open discussion with the babysitter regarding the presence of surveillance camera.
  • Taking measures to avoid camera hacking.

Technology has grown to such an extent that it makes life easier for you, but in a lot of cases, there’s always a different side to the coin.


The growing concerns of child security has made installing surveillance cameras absolutely necessary; however, there are certain issues connected to nanny cams because some people may object to nanny cams as an intrusion of their privacy. Federal laws do not allow audio recording and so most nanny cams come with only video recording facility. A few states that do allow audio and video recording would require you to produce the written consent of the individuals who are being recorded. Also, surveillance cameras cannot be directed towards bathroom and views of neighbor’s properties. Following are some questions concerning the installation of nanny cams.

Q. Is it legal enough to capture video or audio of a person?
A. Lately, parents have been able to gather good reasons for installing nanny cams at home. But does the law allows you to spy on the activities of your child and the babysitter, and make you feel secure. Using a hidden camera to record anyone’s personal doing is a legal violation on the person’s privacy. The video surveillance law does not allow you to monitor the babysitter in places like bathroom or bedroom. However, there is no issue with recording video footage of your home without informing any law-enforcing agency. Laws for recording an audio or a video varies from state to state henceforth, it’s important for parents to read the terms before installing and setting up a camera at home to be ensured about both your baby’s security and your nannies’ privacy.

Q. Isn’t it a breach of privacy of the Nanny?
A. Yes, it is but not if you are open about it with the babysitter. In most of the articles floating, nanny cams are considered to be a hidden spy camera but nanny cams come in 2 different categories: Hidden and Exposed cams.

  • Hidden Nanny Cams: These spy cameras can be disguised in things like clock, toy, showpieces etc., to record secretly the actions of your child and the nanny without being visible and in knowledge.
  • Exposed Nanny Cams: These kind of nanny cams can be placed anywhere in the house, like on the table or mounted on the wall, to record all the actions of the house, with the complete knowledge of nanny.

Q. Why using it at a daycare is allowed but installing it at home reflects a negative action?
A. Daycare is considered to be a professional atmosphere wherein there are multiple kids who are taken care of at the same time. Daycare institutions are running a full-time business and in order to gain the trust of parents and to build their reputation, they place a lot of importance on nanny cams to gain the trust of parents. On the other hand, using a device that privately records the actions of nanny in a home setting appears to be a negative action as it violates the trust factor towards the nanny they have hired for their kids. Therefore, decision of installing a nanny cam can be as difficult as leaving your child with an unknown nanny.


  • An action of violating trust of your nanny. You interview closely and then hire the best nanny for your kid. But to be completely sure about your kids’ security, you install a nanny cam privately. If the nanny happens to discover the camera, he/she can feel violated, offended and embarrassed. And you might end with no nanny to look after your kid. The best way is to be open about the installed nanny cam with your nanny and to take her consent to avoid any uneventful situation.
  • They can be misleading at times: The camera can specifically cover only certain angles in which it is placed. You tend to acknowledge what you see but at times the real story happens to be quite different. For example, you see your child crying but you wouldn’t be able to see the nanny preparing food to calm down your child or you see the nanny taking a nap while your tot is asleep but you fail to see the exhaustive activities the babysitter goes along with your child. Jumping to a conclusion and putting your nanny at fault without the full coverage of the entire incident can be misleading.
  • Over relying on the device: We tend to get used to technology a lot and it takes over a major part of our daily routine. But it’s important for parents to not only rely only on nanny cam to monitor their child’s activities but also physically monitor the bond and personal caring that your child and the babysitter have with each other. Paying a surprise visit, you can physically be a part of their daily activities so that you too can build your trust with the nanny.
  • Breaking laws: Audio and video recording of people have different laws in states. Be sure to know the federal laws of your state before installing the cam. Take the written consent of your nanny before activating audio recording function in the surveillance camera.
  • Though tech devices have a lot of advantages, there are some rattling issues that should not be overlooked. Home security cameras connected to WIFI can be easily hacked and the rattler can easily spy on each move of the family, which is specially the case with cheap untrusted brands.
  • If you opt for branded products, they tend to record the data and footage on their servers and later show advertisements based on the what all has been recorded on the camera, which is currently happening with mobile phones. Digital hacking has grown along with the technology, and with brands having access to such huge data and footage, there are issues of data breaches, with danger of stored data and footage being leaked.

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